Hello my name is Andre van Dijk; owner and founder of Cool Clean.

First I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our website.

I started thinking about Dry Ice and Soda blasting in the year 2012 when I tried to remove the old anti-fouling from my boat and I had only 3 options:

Scraping, (time consuming and you can still damage your boat with the edge of the scraper). Sand blasting, (too messy and too abrasive for fiberglass or wooden boats). Paint remover, (normally you have to apply several layers of paint remover and every layer needs to be taken off).

I found an article in a boating magazine about how eco-friendly and non abrasive Dry Ice & Soda blasting are, but this service was not available at any shipyard in the South of France.

That was the start of my company...

the reason why we offer so much blasting & cleaning solutions, is because all methods have their advantages and disadvantages both in price and application. 

The philosophy behind the company is to offer the right cleaning or blasting solution at the right price, no matter if it is your Yacht, House, Villa, Swimming pool, Car, Industrial, or other use.

You can read about or blasting & cleaning solutions by clicking on the relevant headings at the top. 

Kind regards  

 Andre van Dijk