renovating radiators and if desired, adjust the length to your wishes.

                             The six steps: 

1, Complete radiator disassembly. 

2, Sandblasting.

3, Internally cleaned.

4, Painted in the color of your choice. 

5, Assembling the radiator in the length of your choice. 

6, Pressure test of 6 bar to make sure there is no leakage. 

Sandblasting and renovating your old cast iron radiator The radiators are completely disassembled, internally cleaned and each segment is individually blasted and painted in the color of your choice before installation. This is especially important with wider radiators because it is difficult to get a uniform color when they are assembled again, then they are given a pressure test of 6 bar to make sure they are in order and free of leaks. This procedure also allows you to adjust the length of your radiator to your liking. 

We can also replace / repair an element if there is leakage.